About us

The Vietnamese Photographic Society of California (PSCVN) is a non-profit organization that was originally established to promote fine art photography for Vietnamese photographers in the United States. The organization has grown and received much support from the Southern California Vietnamese community for the past two decades.

It is our honor to host the 2nd International Photographic Exhibition, “Southern California 2016”, open to all amateur and professional photographers from all over the world.

Event committee:

Henry Nguyen, Chairman, chairman@pscvn.org
Si Huynh, Vice-Chair 1
Thu Huyen, Vice-Chair 2
Thien-Nga Tran, Secretary
Han Duong, Treasurer
Huy Nguyen, Webmaster, webmaster@pscvn.org
Nhat Anh Ho, Webmaster, nhatah@uci.edu
Ban Nguyen, General Advisor
Joe Pham, Event Photographer